The students who will be completing the bundle of 7 courses will get a certificate of completion from EWG. This certificate will be very useful for job aspirants as EWG’s bundle of 7 courses is praised by many multinational companies’ top executives. EWG’s future plan includes arranging job cracking webinars for certificate holders and assisting them in cracking the most challenging job. Certificate holders will get EWG’s direct recommendation under EWG’s placement assistance program as EWG will be forwarding certificate holders’ resumes to top multinational companies.

We would be more than happy if a student sends an audio recording describing him/her to get the course completion certificate. The audio recording should describe the basic characteristics of the student from a job perspective. These basic characteristics should include the details of their schooling, hometown, skills, hobbies, ambitions, future plans and other similar things. The complete audio should be in English so that EWG’s team can verify the fluency in English achieved by the students.